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Aarti Gosine

Official Website of Best Selling Author of Children's Books

Current Releases


The Magic Cave

The Harris twins, Alan and Samantha relocated from their beloved hometown of Glenville Place to Vance Falls. Along with their new friend Mark, they set off on an adventure to find a rumored cave.

More Adventures Cover2_FAW-1.jpg

More Adventures in The Magic Cave

The school term has come to an end and the Harris twins and Mark are eager to spend two glorious months exploring their magic cave. More adventures in distant and strange lands await them.

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The Jaeden Ring

Once more the twins, Samantha and Alan, and their friend Mark, embark on adventures in The Magic Cave.

This time, however, it is less about fun and games and more about saving their beloved cave and Vance Falls from the creatures who threaten to destroy 


New Release


The Land Below

Carlos, Pedro and their mother belong to a race of giants that live underneath the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. They are very comfortable residing in their interconnecting series of caves.

Juanita belonged to the Macuxi tribe of the Amazon  rainforest. The tribe lived comfortably above the ground in their tribal village.

Through a series of incidents, the giants and humans eventually encounter each other.

Do they destroy each other or become friends?

Find out for yourself  as you enjoy the adventures in The Land Below.

In 2022, The Land Below was shortlisted for the Bocas Lit Fest Children's Book Prize.

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From the author. Whats App 681 7308

In The Press



I live on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.


Two of my passions are writing and photography. Writing children's novels allows my imagination to roam free and my creativity flows.

I have been writing short stories from the age of 8 and my love for writing has grown over the years.

My first published novel is The Magic Cave (2010) with the other two books in the series, More Adventures in The Magic Cave and The Jaeden Ring following soon after.

In the future I hope to continue writing children's books but to also add Young Adult and Adult novels.


Where To Purchase

Hard copy books

Books can be purchased at bookstores across Trinidad & Tobago:  Paper Based Bookstore, St. Anns

                                                                                                                     RIK Bookworld, All locations

                                                                                                                     Nigel R Khan Booksellers, All locations

                                                                                                                     Charran's Bookstores, All Locations

                                                                                                                     Rainy Days, Ellerslie Plaza

                                                                                                                     Book Emporium, California

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Tel: 868- 681 - 7308 | Email: | Website:

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