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"The Magic Cave, by Aarti Gosine, is an action-adventure fiction novel about Alan and Samantha Harris. The adventure begins when the twins are told they will be moving from their beloved town of Glenville Place to Vance Falls. They are reluctant to leave their home, but being children, have no choice. They reluctantly accept their fate, pack their belongings and head out to the great unknown Vance Falls. The twins find they like their new home but are reluctant to attend their new school. Also, they are mortified to learn they’ll be forced to wear horrid uniforms. They make it to school to see all the students are wearing the same uniforms, and they blend in. Then they make a new friend, Mark. Mark is going to take them exploring the cave behind their home. This is where the adventure begins.

Gosine writes with a smooth style as though taking the reader on a small roller coaster ride. First, a problem is presented, then a solution. Another problem, then another solution. And so on and so on, throughout the book. No problem too overwhelming, each solution practical. All perfect for a young reader's imagination.

Gosine has created realistic characters. Samantha and Alan are very close to each other. They both like Mark, though at first, he was reluctant to accept Samantha into their little group. But Alan assured Mark that Sam was trustworthy. The three then became close friends.

The setting of, The Magic Cave, is the fictional town of Vance Falls. This warm, friendly town is a place where the family attends church each Sunday. Then, after the church service, the children rush home to dash off to the adventures of the mystery cave. And oh, what they find once they enter into the cave.

I am giving, The Magic Cave, by Aarti Gosine, 5 out of 5 stars. The book is brilliantly written for a young audience. The story captures the readers' attention from the start and holds it until the end. I highly recommend this book to everyone." - Buyer

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